Mind-Body Attunement Therapy ®

Despite the designation of the verbal left hemisphere as ‘dominant’ due to its capacities for explicitly processing language functions, it is the emotion-processing right hemisphere and its implicit homeostatic-survival and communication functions that are truly dominant in human existence (Schore, 2003)

Mind-Body Attunement Therapy ® is a dynamic intervention which combines the traditional interpersonal therapies of pioneers such as Bowlby with current neurobiological approaches influenced by Schore and Levine.

Mind-Body Attunement Therapy ® aims to create emotional well-being by working directly with the physiological elements of relational trauma stored in the nervous system. Interventions access deeply held anger, sadness and fear and gently discharge the engergy by generating a sense of calm and being mindful of the sensory changes in the body.

Who is Mind-Body Attunement Therapy ® Training Suitable for?

Mind-Body Attunement Therapy ® Training is for health care professionals working with attachment trauma, including psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, social workers, massage therapists, students on relevant courses, and alternative and complimentary therapists.

Mind-Body Attunement Therapy ® - Practitioners

The following Mind-Body Attunement Therapy ® Practitioners maintain registration with Mind-Body Attunement Therapy ® - Training Centre by attending regular Mind-Body Attunement Therapy ® training and supervision.

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