Training | Mind-Body Attunement Therapy ® - Certificate

The Mind-Body Attunement Therapy ® Certificate consists of attending 10 Supervision Sessions, 10 Peer Observed Sessions and 3 weekends of Training. The Training Curriculum includes:

Including the Body in Psychotherapy Practice How to track and name somatic experience and work with physical action.
Trauma and the Body The role of the body in perpetuating PTSD symptoms.
Developmental and Attachment Issues The effects of trauma, attachment failure, and developmental arrests on mind and body.
Hierarchical Information Processing Somatic interventions that expand the capacity to integrate traumatic experience.
The Use of Mindfulness The role of mindfulness in the treatment of trauma and how to teach mindfulness to clients.
Self-Regulation How to stabilize traumatic activation and restore autonomic equilibrium.
Somatic Resources Identification of missing somatic resources and interventions to help clients develop new resources.
Boundaries How trauma affects boundary styles and techniques to restore healthy somatic and psychological boundaries.
Orienting and Defensive Responses Interventions to reinstate effective orienting and defensive responses truncated in the wake of trauma.
Treatment of Traumatic Memory Somatic approaches to overcoming the fear of traumatic memory and interventions to process and integrate memories.
Dissociation Interventions to work with alterations of consciousness and structural dissociation of the personality.

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